TheMondaySwitch Global Movement is a move of Christians around the world who are experiencing TheMondaySwitch -- keeping God switched on Mondays!This is a critical development because millions of Christians look greaton Sundaybut switch God off byMondaymorning – a distinct switch to practical atheism! We all know the feeling of this struggle. Unfortunately, this challenge is at epidemic levels for the body of Christ around the world.

One of our greatest spiritual opportunities is an imaginative way to stopthis Mondayepidemic and spiritually “Switch On” working believers at their greatest point of ministry and impact.WorkLife recently completed a seven year research project targeting this epidemic and things are changing. Imagine if Mondays were different for millions of workers worldwide? The approach is not the same familiar curriculum vision and book approach; rather it’s a call to action – a unique belief and behavior shift fueled by research, collective partnerships and creative process to produce something truly unique in this work space.

The centerpiece of the current thrust is a global communication initiative and resource platform called TheMondaySwitch.The resource platform is designed to awaken and then practically help working believers keep God switched ON at work and be a channel for God’s power and love. It all starts with the THE MONDAY SWITCH KIT for workers, churches, businesses and ministry networks. 


You can be involved in The Switch Global Movement in a variety of ways:

  • virally communicate to your online networks
  • join a coworker and go through The Switch Kit together
  • start a weekly journey in your small group
  • share it throughout your network or business
  • inspire spiritual growth in your entire church

Consider joining a select group of individuals who God is calling to champion The Switch Revolution! This is a global movement of working Christians committed to keeping God switchedON Monday. You might be the leader or possibly the catalyst that is used by God to inspire change in your entire group, church or business.
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Quick Facts

  • Available date: Q2 2014 – Flexible for your timing needs – no hard start or end. Will be 2‐3 year strategy.
  • Focused on key transitional day of Monday. Simple approach. Gains traction with user quickly
  • Open Source Communications Strategy – you can use it. Potential branding for your city, network or ministry
  • Tools, materials, and on ramps to your ministry’s mission for follow‐up. You disciple awakened believers.
  • Creative video and communications tools available for your city, network or ministry.
  • Assets: social tools, 6 week experience, video, group tools, top of mind assets, DVD, Monday personal guide.
  • Primary target: The sleeping giant (Switched OFF Christians) via Churches – Networks – Ministries – Cities
  • Tested for over a year – based on 300k data points plus real worker research and response.
  • Executed by world class campaign team who worked Purpose Driven, Joy at Work, Chronicles.. etc
  • FREE Preview Kits available for church and ministry leaders (includes full video and curriculum tools)
  • Goal: Awaken 10 million Christian workers over the next 36 months.
  • Various engagement and use options available from free to deeply engaged.

The Switch
A Collaborative Awareness Project
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