6 Steps to God's Power on Mondays:

The Journey begins! Interactive and personal—THE SWITCH SIX-STEP SERIES will simply and practically transform your Mondays. This interactive study leads you through an exhilarating journey of experiencing God’s purpose, peace, and power in your work.

It only requires 6 Mondays to SWITCH your entire work life. Designed for individual use, small group facilitation, or larger scale campaigns

Whether you hate your job or love it, God has more for you than you imagine. His desire is for you to Thrive at work, not merely survive. You will not work the same again!


Designed for individual use, small group facilitation, or larger scale campaigns.

"I have never had joy and courage like I do now. I am praying for my co-workers, sharing the resources from WorkLife and even had a conversation about Christ with my boss who is our company CEO. I am so happy and full of joy. Before this kind of help, this area of my life was mostly untouched by God's presence."  Chris

"A group of workers in our City has begun a weekly prayer time in response to WorkLife. They have been challenged to inject God into their work life and are praying for direction on specific ways to do that at their company."  Rob

“The Monday Morning Atheist is one of the deepest concerns a pastor has about his congregation – good people who attend church but when they go to the office or school or the neighborhood, God is completely left out. That's when a professing Christian starts doing what he or she thinks is best vs. what God says is best. The result is a Monday Morning Atheist. This book is both convicting and helpful for Christians who seek to be completely devoted followers of Jesus Christ."  Bryant Wright, Senior Pastor of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church