WorkLife Caffeinated
(Individual 30 week growth sequence)

Wake Up! That’s exactly what this tool will help you do—spiritually wake up. Each Caffeinated weekly segment is delivered to you via email & PDF.

Reinforce your spiritual growth by taking the private mini assessment that scores how well you’d cope with that particular challenge at work. Whether it be a 1, or a 10, or somewhere in between, knowing your score can help you look for solutions and applications that will put you in a more prepared position at work. You can’t help but grow in this structured discipleship process!

"I am experiencing so much more joy and more peace since using WorkLife. Before this kind of help, my faith was lacking and I could not sense God’s presence and help at work, or really anywhere else. I am so much more aware of Him working in all of my life."  Rachel

"First of all, I want to say 'thank you.' I've been encouraged! I consider my workplace my place of ministry. I've been able to develop better relationships with other staff and brokers whom I work with."  Corey