Join Our Global Community To Invest, Get Funded, and Become Equipped to Help the World Through Your Influence.

Step 1: Attend Briefing

Attend a live or remote briefing. Join the community. Get help with your start up or company. Our founders and community support our fellow members. You achieve the necessary steps and we will back your play.

Step 2: Learn and Accelerate

We know how hard it is to persevere as a company founder. First, make sure to build the basics of your launch platform and ship. When you are ready, we will put wind in your sails through our accelerator program. Some will join us in our physical buildings and others virtually remote.

Step 3: Get Funded

We love to fund great founders and their companies. We fund all stages for pre-seed, seed, bridge, and series funding. Average of 50k to 5 million. Selling your company? Well, we love to buy great companies.

Step 4: Invest in Each Other

100XR is a powerful funding source. But even greater is the power of the worldwide community. You can invest for as little as $500 in your fellow members’ companies and dreams. You put a little skin in the game for your fellow member and they do the same for you.