Do “Legos” Matter to God?

Jan 7, 2015

“Everything is awesome. Everything is cool when you’re part of a team. Everything is awesome when we’re living our dream!”

If you have kids or grandkids and have seen the Lego Movie, you probably hate me right now for getting that crazy theme song stuck in your head again! But there’s a method to my madness.

  1. First, I hope it put a smile on your face. As much as I hate the song, I have to admit that my wife and I have had some fun with our twin 13-year-old sons, and 7-year-old daughter by singing it at the top of our lungs—either to shine a little light on a cloudy mood, or as payback for the many things they do to annoy us!
  2. My other line of reasoning is to bring to light a dreary truth: Everything is awesome – except that it’s NOT!

Work Dissatisfaction is a Factor

A recent study found that the majority of Americans (52.3%) areunhappy in their work.This sad statistic is doubly troubling in light of numerous other studies which report that happy people, who live longer.

What’s even more troubling to me however, is that recent findings show there is no difference in the satisfaction quotients in the worklife of Christians when compared to non-Christians. In fact, sometimes they are even lower.

A Short-Circuit Belief That Blocks Work Fulfillment

Consider the words of an Executive Manager named Ken.

“Am I really making a difference? I don’t feel like what I do counts, or that I’m doing anything for God.”

Did you hear the expressions of Ken’s heart? He’s expressing dissatisfaction—a longing to find his work more meaningful. But his feelings are symptomatic of an underlying belief (which many Christians have) that says something like,“My work isn’t important to God,” or “The only good my work is accomplishing is bringing home a paycheck.”

Do Legos Matter to God?

David Scott, Co-author of the book Monday Morning Atheism, (Click Here to Pick Up Your Copy), tells a story about when his son was young and would come to him with his latest Lego creation saying, “Dad, look at what I made! Do you like it, Dad? Is it good?”

I’ve had the same experience with my kids. Anytime they show me a picture they have drawn, or one of their latest Lego creations (which by the way are pretty impressive at times!) I tell them,

“Cool, that looks great!”, or “That’s awesome!” And then I sing the Lego Movie theme song. Okay, I’m kidding about that last part.

What David could have said to his son, or what I could say to my kids when they proudly show me their creations, is:

“No. It’s no good. I don’t like it because it doesn’t have any spiritual value. Your Lego creations have little spiritual use in my plans.”

Our Work Matters to Our Father, God

What loving parent is going to say such a terrible thing to their child! If a human father can see the value in the work of his children, how much more can our perfect and eternal Father-God appreciate and enjoy the value that our work brings to Him? This we must believe! And that belief WILL make a difference in finding greater meaning and satisfaction in our worklife!

So,in the next week try this…

  1. As you begin your work day, think about the worth of your job. Then imagine yourself as a child again, holding your handiwork up to your heavenly Dad, asking, “Is it good? Daddy, do you like it?”
  2. Then allow yourself to feel His eternal affirmation and favor: “It reflects My glory, my son/daughter. That is why I created you. It is VERY good.”
  3. Keep a Lego block on your desk or in your pocket, to remind you that God is pleased with your work, when it is done as an act of worship to Him.

Written by Dan Anderson, President and CEO of Kingdom Way Ministries. Excerpts used from Monday Morning Atheism, Published by WorkLife Press. Used by permission. All rights reserved. Content distributed by > used for non-profit teaching purposes only.