Prayer in the Workplace

Aug 27, 2015

Of the 132 instances recorded in the Gospels, 122 of Jesus’ interactions with people took place in homes or places of business, not in places of worship. He prayed and healed and ministered in the midst of daily life – in the streets of the marketplaces and in the family kitchens. He may have said, “Come to Me,” but in truth, He went to people and touched them where they lived and worked.

As you pray for those whose lives you touch, determine how you might pray for workplaces in your area as well. Ask God to make you sensitive to the needs and hurts of people you encounter at the dry cleaner, the pharmacy, or your favorite restaurant. Know that He wants the lazy checker at the grocery store to experience the depths of His love. Practice saying, “Can I pray for you?” when you encounter people in various workplaces and businesses.

You’ll be surprised at how open people are to receiving prayer in the workplace. Today the workplace is experiencing a wave of spiritual receptivity as more and more people carry their spiritual hunger to work, and as companies discover the value of investing in the spiritual health of their employees. Large corporations are hiring chaplains to minister to their workers, and Bible studies and prayer groups are cropping up in offices and break rooms all over the country. If enough lighthouses extended their prayer reach, beyond the neighborhoods to the businesses in their communities, we might just see a revival sweep through the marketplace of America!

Your daily contact with people in the workplace gives you the opportunity to pray for them and care for them.

Written by Dr. Terry Teyki.  Used with permission. All rights reserved. Content distributed by > used for non-profit teaching purposes only.