What's Your Moan Time at Work?

Nov 21, 2016

Moan: def. verb – to grumble, whine, complain or gripe either in thought or word.

What if God actually cares more about your Monday than Sunday?

Your work is valuable to God. He never intended any part of your life to be kept apart from a relationship with Him. In fact, God has big plans for your work—plans to bless you and to bring him glory.

Clearly God wants more for you than just surviving Mondays and drifting through a spiritually neutral workweek. He created you to Thrive! He wants to give you the mind of Christ as you work so you can experience His presence. He also desires to give you His power so you can Thrive. He wants to transform your Monday moaning into Monday thriving.

Monday is the gateway to your entire spiritual work week. When you start your week moaning, you may find you are unable to recover for several days or even weeks. Informal research shows that the average person spends about 10 minutes or more moaning each Monday morning, turning Mondays into more of a “Moan-Day”. On Mondays you need to focus on thriving not surviving. If you do, you will start to see the new things God is doing in and through your work.

Here's a fun exercise to help: Think about your past Monday, how would you score yourself on the Monday Moan Meter in the graphic above? Download a free folding Moan Meter for your desk right here. Keep checking your moan time each Monday and pretty soon, your Monday moaning will become Monday thriving.

Written by Doug Spada, founder and CEO of WorkLife, Inc. Excerpted from The Switch, published by WorkLife Press.  Used by permission. Content distributed by WorkLife.org > Used for non-profit teaching purposes only.