Workplace Witnessing Tips

May 30, 2024

How To Effectively Witness at Work

DO work with skill and excellence. Our faith should lead us to strive to excel on the job. As the Apostle Paul reminded us, we are to work as unto the Lord. Are we giving our employer value for what we are paid? A failure in this area can build a serious credibility barrier with those we seek to reach.

DO conduct yourself ethically. Unbelievers are quick to spot a phony. If we are hypocritical, they feel a right to disregard our message. Go the extra mile to avoid questionable practices.

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DO build relationships. Enter into the worlds of your coworkers. Ask questions about them and their families. Several days ago, I asked a woman about her young, newly adopted son. This simple question opened the door to a conversation about child rearing and left a door open to further interaction. Get to know your colleagues, remember things about them, and use these as stepping stones for future conversations. Many people are glad for someone to listen to them. If they know you care, they may turn to you in a time of need.

DO keep an office stash of ministry materials to give away—books such as Josh McDowell’s More Than a Carpenter, tracts such as Bridge to Life or The Four Spiritual Laws, pocket New Testaments, and testimony tapes on a variety of topics. Choose materials that are appropriate for your coworkers.

DO pray for your colleagues. Keep a list of needs you find out about at work, and pray through that list.

How To Not Witness Well at Work

Don’t neglect your job while witnessing. If you can carry out your work effectively while talking to someone, fine. If not, talk during breaks, lunches, and after hours.

Don’t dump the truckload. In your excitement to share, exercise wisdom. Whet appetites, and stimulate curiosity. You will see these people daily. Build your witness a step at a time. Remember, you want them to make a solid, thoughtful commitment, not a hasty one.

Don’t be ashamed of your faith. People believe all sorts of wacky things. Are they embarrassed about their beliefs? No! Why should you feel funny about your faith in God? If you have built friendships with your coworkers and treated them with respect, they will probably be willing to listen to you.

Written by John Green, engineer and freelance writer.  John and his wife Helen compose contemporary worship songs under the name Recent Rainfall Music. ©John Green & NavPress.   Stock photos by Vecteezy   Used by permission. Content distributed by > Used for non-profit teaching purposes only.