On Holy Ground!

Jun 27, 2024

"Show me Your ways, O Lord; teach me Your paths." (Psalm 25:4)

The deepest activity of God all the way through the Bible is in the marketplace. God takes up residence in His people, and then functions through His people in the world. The difficulty is that the marketplace is not encountering God in the lives of His people as it ought to. We should notice a qualified difference when we meet someone who knows God and His ways compared to when we meet a person who has no relationship with God. 

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As we function in the workplace and as we find ourselves moving in a very secular world, we need to recognize that God's presence in us makes a sacred difference. Anywhere that God places His presence is sacred. God's presence connects the secular to the sacred. 

The Workplace as Holy Ground

We should not separate secular and sacred in our minds. Once we become a disciple of Jesus, everything is sacred. God always is present where we are, and thus there is not a place where we stand that is not holy ground. We do not enter the secular world when we go to work, and then enter the sacred world when we go to church. We always are in the sacred world, because He always is present. His presence through us makes a place different. 

People ought to encounter God every time they meet a follower of Jesus. We may own our own business. We may be in the legislature. We may be in a position of leadership in a firm or a company. 

Regardless, God never puts us in a position of responsibility without giving us all that we need to function in that place. We don't have to call Him in to help. We don't have to ask Him for guidance. God's guidance accompanies the assignment. 

Moses was given the assignment to lead the children of Israel. The common people saw the activity of God, but Moses knew the ways of God. What happens if we don't know the ways of God? We self-destruct. 

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The children of Israel didn't know the ways of God, so they rebelled against Him, thinking they were right. When some of the other leaders came to Moses and were rebelling against his leadership, Moses did not argue with them. He ran straight into the presence of God and interceded for them! Moses knew that no one could rebel against the ways of God and get away with it. 

If God gives us insight into the weaknesses of others, it isn't for criticism – it is for intercession! Could Moses have lambasted the children of Israel? He could have, but he didn't. When he saw the rebellion of the people, he knew that was the way of death. That set the agenda for his decision. He ran to the presence of God and interceded for the people. Had it not been for the intercession of Moses, none of the people would have survived. 

How important is it to know the ways of God? It is our life! 

For leaders, especially in the workplace, an insight into the ways of God always accompanies our position of leadership given by God. If we know the ways of God, then we can be the ones who bring stability, health and life to those who work with us. If we do not know the ways of God, we are in trouble – as are those who work with us. 

God makes no exceptions and plays no favorites. He always works according to His ways. 

Written by Henry T. Blackaby, author of many books, including Experiencing God (Broadman & Holman)   Free Stock photos by Vecteezy  Used by permission. Content distributed by WorkLife.org > Used for non-profit teaching purposes only.