Grow Your Church on Monday

As people jump into their cars and head home after church on Sunday they will soon be showing up at work on Monday. Here’s the challenge:

Most Christians see little or no spiritual purpose for their work and Switch God OFF by the time they get to work on Monday. Research shows that most live a compartmentalized faith content to unplug and coast through a spiritually neutral work week. Between Sundays, the people you know and love within your congregation have a growing discontent and feeling of disorientation. They desire relevance and direct application that holds up in the “real world” only to experience a recurring gap between the spiritual high of Sunday and the low of Monday morning. What can you do as a church? Let’s find out!

Church on Monday is evidence of the Church on Sunday

Think About the Potential

If you were to plot a map of your city and pinpoint the workplaces of your members, you’d quickly realize that your church has a significant presence in your community – an amazing opportunity for impact and transformation.

Unfortunately, our 15 years of research shows that most of these same people feel walled off and disconnected from the church at the very point of their greatest opportunity for impact: their work. Most are trying to bridge the gap between the faith lessons heard Sunday morning and the faith walk that awaits them on Monday morning. It’s time to help them make The Monday Switch!
Impact that Church has on the workplace

Research Shows the Potential…

Growing People and Increasing Influence

Addressing the work of your people accelerates your church’s influence in the work community by helping build bridges where walls and gaps likely exist with your people. You can help your people stay Switched ON at work by supporting and empowering them throughout their work week, not just on Sundays.

Think about this – most of Jesus’ parables had a workplace context. Most of His public ministry took place in a marketplace setting. The work lives of the common fisherman, farmer, merchant and tax-collector are how Jesus framed much of his teaching. The same can be true of your church today. Work is a key spiritual formation environment for individuals. The sum total of the WorkLife influence of your congregation represents a significant opportunity to grow your church, reclaim influence in your community and extend the impact of all the other ministries you currently offer.

Q. How Can Our Church Do This?
A. Your church already contains amazing potential for work impact through your people. That potential has to be nurtured and equipped. A church must envision and engage work ministry efforts over time. It’s possible to seamlessly weave practical faith-work solutions into the existing ministries of your church. From over a decade of church coaching and implementation we have developed and tested a church solution framework that has proven successful. Integrated with a solid theology of work, this flexible framework along with our best practices and resources can translate biblical truth for people’s work lives into intentional and measurable action for your church. CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Research Overview
In partnership with the organization of WorkLife, Dr. Mark Walker completed his doctoral dissertation showing clear evidence that churches benefited greatly from a consistent and effective work ministry to their people. WorkLife provided data and church partners for this study – most of which were using our strategic church framework as a ministry model. 15 years of experience along with our creative and practical ministry resources will enhance both the faith walk of your members and their well-being at work.
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Develop On-Going Impactful Work Ministry  USE OUR CHURCH FRAMEWORK

Lead The Monday Challenge – Off the chart impact!  SEE THE RESOURCES

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Lead The Monday Switch in Your Church

You can practically lead your people to experience The Monday Switch. This is a revolution in the way we see and experience Monday and work. We have created everything each worker needs in our Monday Switch Kit. Designed from our over 12 years of research and field experience – we know what works. It’s easy, flexible, and fun. And great for individual study, small groups, larger classes, missions conferences and church wide campaigns.

CHURCH FAQ’s (Monday Challenge FAQ)


Q: What is the Monday Challenge?
A: It is a biblically inspired call to action for Christians of every vocation to Switch God ON – to live and work in ways that amplify the presence of our God on Monday. This challenge can be embraced by you personally, or be sponsored by an organization, church, or business.

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1. Can Reduce the Level of Stress Draining Spiritual Vitality  Read more…

2. Can Increase Volunteerism and Financial Giving  Read more…

3. Increases Member Satisfaction with your Church  Read more…

4. Helps Grow Whole Life Disciples  Read more…

5. Increases your Cultural Relevance  Read more…

6. Can Attract New Visitors and Members  Read more…

7. Can Help Reduce the Divorce Rate among Members  Read more…

8. Grows Missions as a Personal Experience of Daily Work  Read more…

9. Helps People Navigate Job Loss and Job Dissatisfaction  Read more…

10. Promotes Viral Growth of Your Church Into Your Community  Read more…

WorkLife Church Guide
(for Church Leaders, Pastors, and Ministry Champions)
Yes, it is possible to equip your people for missions right at the point of their greatest potential impact: their work!  Learn more here…

WorkLife SwitchTOOL
(weekly online subscription)
The WorkLife SwitchTOOL is a self- directed, web-based system that helps your people target and overcome the ever-changing issues that cause most of us to switch God off at work.
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WorkLife Thrive Guides
(Biblically based studies for Thriving at work)
This comprehensive study series targets the 30 personal work issues that cause Monday Morning Atheism. Your people can use these case studies, each with biblical guidance, in a group setting or for personal use.  Learn more here…

Core Church Solution

The most common steps a church takes in leading The Monday Challenge. We provide everything you need to promote, launch and sustain for long term success. (Small Groups, Church Campaigns, Outreach, Work Ministry)

The Gap between willingness and practice is revealed in this Lifeway Research project.  Click here

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