10 Benefits of Addressing Work at Church

1. Can Reduce the Level of Stress Draining Spiritual Vitality

From a statistical sample of over 5000 Christian workers, the second greatest work issue for these workers was managing stress and discouragement at work. You can help.

“Faith can be the anchor that keeps a person steady in times of stress. If followed, biblical principles can be the cornerstone of a person’s life and enable them to live a life less impacted by what otherwise would be stressful circumstances.”
Dale Fletcher M.S., www.faithandhealthconnection.org

2. Can Increase Volunteerism and Financial Giving

Affirming the roles and callings of working people motivates them to not only give more, but have sincere gratitude for your leadership. “It’s not just about church inside the four walls.”

“People don’t give money because the church has needs. At least, that is the motivator for fewer and fewer givers. People give money when they see that the church meets needs.”

3. Increases Member Satisfaction with your Church

Affirming people’s kingdom value and purpose in their the vocations for which they were called influences their loyalty and commitment to your church.

In his Faith at Work Dissertation, Dr. Mark Walker revealed his research showing that for churches addressing the work of their people consistently, their members showed: An increase of 58% in member satisfaction with their church and church leadership. An increase of 168% in member satisfaction with how the church was equipping them for life.

4. Helps Grow Whole Life Disciples

Work is a serious spiritual formation environment. It is where we spend most of our time, interact with most of the people in life. God uses the situations and circumstances of work to shape us and increase our growth.

Four Types of Christians going to work on Monday morning: Christians who are simply trying to survive; Christians who are living by Christian principles; Christians who are living by the power of the Holy Spirit; Christians who are transforming their workplace for Christ
Source: Ed Silvoso, Anointed for Business

5. Increases your Cultural Relevance

Addressing work for your members is so relevant to where they interact each day with culture. Furthermore, your members are online at work – relate with them throughout the week in a relevant bridging way.

In a recent survey of work place believers, 69 percent stated they would prefer online spiritual resources to other forms of resourcing.

6. Can Attract New Visitors and Members

According to Christianity Today, 80% of new church members were invited by a friend or co-worker. In churches addressing the work lives of their people, new members and new families increased. They found the uniqueness and holistic approach (all of life) to be effective and biblical.

7. Can Help Reduce the Divorce Rate among Members

The majority of affairs that destroy families start with an improper relationship with a co-worker. Confronting sexual temptation at work saves marriages…it saves families.

From my practice I have discovered that 50 percent of the unfaithful women and about 62 percent of unfaithful men treated were involved with someone from work. Today’s workplace has become the new danger zone of romantic attraction and opportunity.”
Dr. Shirley Glass, Not Just Friends

8. Grows Missions as a Personal Experience of Daily Work

Affirmed and equipped workers in the marketplace are a deployed mission force each and every day. Living out their kingdom purpose by utilizing their vocational gifts and resources can add dimension and depth to missions.

“The day of the Kingdom worker in world missions has arrived,” says Clem Schultz, founder of Intent. “The remaining people who have yet to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ will be most appropriately accessed by Kingdom Workers who intentionally use their God-given and market-honed skills as their legitimate passport to the nations.”

9. Helps People Navigate Job Loss and Job Dissatisfaction

Providing an effective and accessible resource for job loss and transition brings hope and encouragement to members. This reduces the financial impact on the church from transitions and job loss.

The right job is more than work and pay. People are uniquely designed with specific gifts and talents to work.

10. Promotes Viral Growth of Your Church Into Your Community

People are compelled to share what they love and are passionate about. Providing teaching, tools and encouragement about work can ignite the passion of working disciples where they spend most of their time and energy.

“Viral growth is like a virus. What is this virus? It is Jesus himself, in us and revealed to the world through us. How is the virus spread? Like any other virus, it spreads through personal contact or by ‘sneezing’ on people. It is spread through us being in the world, hanging around people, having the character and nature of Jesus. Not only will this cause others to become infected, it will build the church at the same time.”
Ron Scheper, The Viral Church

See Research that proves these benefits…

University Research Study
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