The Work CoreMatrix™ is a proven framework for growing effective Faith-Work ministry.


The Work CoreMatrix is a simple yet highly effective church framework used to develop faith-work efforts. Your church already contains amazing potential for work impact through your people. But as church leaders, you must envision, engage, and then evaluate your church work ministry efforts over time. We developed and tested this church framework with actual churches during our 15 years of practice. At the heart of this framework below are six WorkElements that seamlessly weave practical faith-work solutions into the existing ministries and functions of your church. These WorkElements, along with practical actions and tools translate the heart of God for people’s work lives into intentional and measurable action for your church. This creates ongoing sustainable impact versus ineffective attempts. How these elements are sequenced and the pattern they form may look different in every church, but the goal is the same: a balanced approach to growing people’s work life, implemented according to your church’s natural style and timetable. Need help? We can serve or coach you from our deep and multifaceted experience. Email us

matrix noun mā-triks something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form

Envision – Engage – Evaluate