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Doug Spada, Global Catalyst for Faith at Work

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Doug’s passion is helping all people “Thrive at Work on Monday”. He is the founder and CEO of WorkLife, Inc. where he develops innovative resources to help people experience God while they work. Doug uses his unique professional and military experience to speak internationally on God’s plan and purpose for our work as well as the role of the church in that plan.

In his book, “Monday Morning Atheist”, Doug created a persuasive case based on 8 years of research about why Christians switch God off at work and what to do about it. A Monday Morning Atheist is someone who loves God but works like He does not exist.

As a decorated Navy veteran, Doug served during the cold war onboard US Navy fast–attack nuclear submarines. He studied, and then was an instructor at the Navy’s top–secret nuclear training facility at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory before being deployed on clandestine missions in the North Pacific. Doug has received numerous commendations including an Admiral’s Citation and the Navy Achievement Medal during his career.

In addition to his education in engineering, Doug received a degree in Business Organizational Management. He founded a company and developed it into a flourishing energy and utility services firm in Southern California during the 1990’s.

The Monday Switch -six steps to God’s power on Monday is Doug’s latest project. This book and related online tools provide a biblically inspired call to action for Christians to see Monday as the most inspired workday of the week.

Please prayerfully consider supporting Doug in this important mission field.

What Others Are Saying…

We could never have imagined the impact that WorkLife would have on our congregation and the entire city of Port Elizabeth.   Harvest Christian Church

Thank you so much for being so inspiring and challenging in the same time! We were moved and encouraged by the message God sent trough you! I believe we have to do something in Romanian about “the Monday Switch”.   Marius Chiciudean, Brasov, Romania

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What Others Are Saying…

Doug opened our eyes and switched on the lights — casting a compelling vision for representing Jesus Christ at work. He tied his message into our church’s mission and approach. Our people really responded to Doug’s humor, biblical message and practical application to everyday work.   Bruce Miller, Senior Pastor, Christ Fellowship, McKinney, Texas

I have been through a lot of spiritual studies but this experience has caused me to change from the inside out.   CEO

Dear Doug, I appreciate your commitment to invest your life for the kingdom. You are a gifted communicator with a needed message for the church and those who serve the Lord working in the marketplace.   Howard Dayton, Compass – finances God’s way