Doug Spada

Doug Spada, WorkLife Founder, 100XR Partner  

Story / Biography…

Doug’s passion is helping all people “Thrive at Work on Monday”. He is the founder and CEO of WorkLife, Inc. where he develops innovative resources to help people experience God while they work. Doug uses his unique professional and military experience to speak internationally on God’s plan and purpose for our work as well as the role of the church in that plan.

In his book, “Monday Morning Atheist”, Doug created a persuasive case based on 8 years of research about why Christians switch God off at work and what to do about it. A Monday Morning Atheist is someone who loves God but works like He does not exist.

As a decorated Navy veteran, Doug served during the cold war onboard US Navy fast–attack nuclear submarines. He studied, and then was an instructor at the Navy’s top–secret nuclear training facility at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory before being deployed on clandestine missions in the North Pacific. Doug has received numerous commendations including an Admiral’s Citation and the Navy Achievement Medal during his career.

In addition to his education in engineering, Doug received a degree in Business Organizational Management. He founded a company and developed it into a flourishing energy and utility services firm in Southern California during the 1990’s.

The Monday Switch -six steps to God’s power on Monday is Doug’s latest project. This book and related online tools provide a biblically inspired call to action for Christians to see Monday as the most inspired workday of the week.

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What Others Are Saying…

  • Doug Spada is the tireless founder of WorkLife. I have found him to be a man of deep faith and profound conviction as he battles for the demise of that disastrous myth of the “Sacred/Secular Divide” – a lie that has caused millions of Christians to mistakenly separate their work life from their faith life. Doug has a reputation for solid character and his potential impact on Christians in the workplace is profound.   Wes Lane, President SALLT OKC, Past Oklahoma District Attorney
  • Imaginative, soul-stirring and creative, that’s Doug Spada’s formula for communicating, both in writing and speaking to an audience. The people you lead… they will depart on mission to be more alive and aware that God can and does use work to change lives for His kingdom!   Wayne Odom, EVP InTouch Ministries, Inc.
  • Dear Doug, I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. I appreciate your obvious love for Christ and your commitment to invest your life for the kingdom. You are a gifted communicator with a needed message for the church and those who serve The Lord working in the marketplace.   Howard Dayton, Compass – finances God’s way
  • I attended your South Africa presentation and you did a brilliant job. I saw that you interacted with the folks before the presentation. I can see that you are at a ‘higher or different’ position with the Lord now but your presentation was from a humble base and that came across very well. I thought you were successful in meeting the people new to The Monday Switch. Very professional and engaging presentation and material.   Bram Davies, Pr.Eng, MTech(Eng), BSc(Eng), MBA
  • Doug opened our eyes and switched on the lights — casting a compelling vision for representing Jesus Christ at work. He tied his message into our church’s mission and approach. Our people really responded to Doug’s humor, biblical message and practical application to everyday work.   Bruce Miller, Senior Pastor, Christ Fellowship, McKinney, Texas
  • Hi Doug, Your talks inspired me and my wife to reconsider our view on how and when telling and sharing the gospel with non-believers. It is also important to think about our personal life and in what sense we turn our switch off. Maybe we can introduce the Monday Switch campaign in the Netherlands.   Pieter van der Kwaak
  • The ”Transforming Mondays“ conference was a great experience for me and it was very encouraging to share the faith with so many Christians from all over the world. Thank you very much for your inspiring sermons about practicing Christianity at work and all the vivid examples, presentations and gifts (like the switches to visualize the switch topic, the Monday Morning Atheist book and the final video on Saturday morning)!   Simone, Germany
  • Dear Doug, We would like to thank you for inspiring and encouraging lectures during the conference in Berlin. Your lectures were very interesting and provided a lot of material to think about. Thank you very much. Warm greetings from Poland.   Urszula and Jan Broda
  • Thank you so much for your teaching/ministry at the Conference in Berlin…..I Loved it….you spoke my heart so I was with you all the way. I work as a Pastor so it was really good for me to drink in, to have fellowship/friendship. I was challenged, refreshed and renewed…to be honest….I had a blast. May The Lord continue to guide, strengthen and empower you in your walk with Him. Keep switched on!   Pete Dale, Channel Islands
  • Thank you so much for being so inspiring and challenging in the same time! We were moved and encouraged by the message God sent trough you! I believe we have to do something in Romanian about “the Monday Switch”.   Marius Chiciudean, Brasov, Romania
  • Dear Doug, Just back from the conference. Your contribution to the conference was immense. CBMC Belfast has a history of presenting Jesus Christ to the business community around our country. I wish to explore the possibility of you visiting Belfast when your diary permits.   David Martin
  • Punchy, provocative and pro-active. It exposes our workplace warts and returns us to our divine calling at work. Brilliantly done!   Philip Lyn, MD, Senior Pastor, Skyline SIB Church
  • The Monday Morning Atheist is one of the deepest concerns a pastor has about his congregation – good people who attend church but when they go to the office or school or the neighborhood on Monday, God is completely left out. The result is a Monday Morning Atheist. This initiative is both convicting and helpful for Christians who seek to be completely devoted followers of Jesus Christ.   Bryant Wright, Senior Pastor of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church
  • Easy to read, biblical, and practical, Monday Morning Atheist and its tools sheds light on a huge issue and offers help to millions of people searching for more passion, purpose and joy at work.   Chris Duncan, CEO, SimplyWin, Former CEO, Convene
  • We were impacted by Doug’s presentation on Monday Switch. Thank you Doug. It resonated with the very thing I believe we are called to do here in Winnipeg amongst other churches and ministries. I have always wondered and prayed about building bridges between the local church community and the everyday world we live and work in.  more…

Public Speaking / Consulting

Doug is an accomplished speaker and coach on matters of faith/work and business.

Some topics include:

  • Confessions of a Monday Morning Atheist
  • Working WITH God – not FOR or WITHOUT Him
  • Holy Spirit Espionage
  • Rig For Ultra Quiet
  • 100XR – WorkLife Vision
  • Stealth Warriors at Work
  • Torpedo in the Water
  • Transforming church from a cruise ship to an aircraft carrier
  • The Faith / Work Disconnect

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