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Start Your Work Week With God!

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What does the Bible say about work? What does it mean to work as unto the Lord? How do I get motivated to work in an ungodly environment? Most believers in the work-world ask these questions and more. The book, Monday Morning Atheist, will encourage you to change your thinking about work…and yourself. Based on years of research and field experience, Monday Morning Atheist provides compelling Biblical evidence that God created work to be good and so we should include Him in it.

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What You Get:

  1. 140 pages exploring Monday Morning Atheism and its roots
  2. Practical actions and methods to help you Switch God ON each Monday
  3. Free Access to the Monday Switch Quiz identifying your top work challenges
  4. 5 core sections complete with Reflection Questions and Practical To Do’s
  5. The true story of Doug Spada, founder of WorkLife...woven into the story line of the book

Why Monday Morning Atheist…the book?

This is an interesting, provocative book that’s easy to read but packs a punch. Use it to wake-up your entire group, ministry or church. Very practical and impactful. It deals with an epidemic in the body of Christ that is hurting each one of us at some level.

  • Read it and complete the reflection and practical To Do’s.
  • Infuse the dynamic work prayers into your daily life at work.
  • Take the Monday Switch Quiz to find your 3 top work issues & how to address them.

What Are the Benefits of Monday Morning Atheist…the book?

  • Monday Morning Atheist will reinforce Biblical truth no matter if you are Switching God OFF at work or not.
  • It reveals how you can receive more from God at work — joy, peace and purpose.
  • You will see that your actual work itself — whatever it is you do — is a form of worship to God.
  • You will learn to recognize common lies most believe about work and how to counter them with truth.

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Start Your Work Week With God!