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Have you noticed that work can include some pretty difficult issues and sometimes really suck the life out of you? God cares about that! You can learn how to work God’s way and have more purpose and peace in your work. Find out how to take The Monday Challenge and Switch God ON at work. Give God just 6 Mondays and you will never experience work the same again. Go for it. You will be glad you did.
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Leading a church is a big responsibility and often challenging. WorkLife has been serving churches for over 12 years – assisting pastors and church leaders to equip their people to work God’s way. Work is the place where people have most of their unchurched relationships. It is also where people face many difficult issues and provides a critical platform for spiritual formation. You can find innovative yet simple solutions to help your people Switch God ON at work. Literally growing your church on Monday.
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Small Groups

Do you lead or are you a part of a small group? Ready for fast paced and practical spiritual growth? Do something new! Take The Monday Challenge and discover how to work God’s way on Mondays. Everybody works at something and God’s way to work brings purpose and power. Each small group member needs a Monday Switch Kit. Highly effective for church, workplace and community small groups. This one day of Monday can change your entire spiritual work week. Hold on – this is not like other small group tools. It’s going to be fun.
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Running a business can be challenging. Research shows that whether we realize it or not – many employees are disengaged from their jobs, directly impacting productivity and profitability. Also frequently stressed or discouraged, research documents that the day of Monday is especially problematic.. Consider our innovative yet simple solution to help your employees learn how to work God’s way on Monday. Consider incorporating the Monday Challenge into your business.
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Imagine if your organization had a way to awaken and equip its members to work God’s way on Mondays! To be able to genuinely say “Thank God it’s Monday”! Learn more about partnering with WorkLife and utilizing our Monday Challenge and help people Switch God ON Monday. It only takes 6 Mondays and will instill fresh passion and spiritual growth. As we partner together we can recapture the workplace and bring glory to God by advancing His kingdom.
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