What’s in the Monday Switch Kit?

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This is the guide that will take you on the six step journey to experiencing God’s purpose, peace, and power in your Monday work. Powerful!
The Switch DVD
The creative learning videos that enhance The Switch SIX STEP SERIES. You’ll find this in the back of the book.
The Switch Quiz
An important tool in the 6 step process, the Switch Quiz will show you which of the commonly sited work issues are most affecting you. Find out which ones cause you to Switch God OFF at work. You’ll receive a personal e-mail report .
Monday Morning Atheist
The book that started the Monday Revolution! A quick read that provides compelling Biblical evidence showing how we all work as a practical atheist at times. Read this first!
The Moan Meter
Used during each step in the book to record how much time you spend moaning on Mondays. Watch it go down each week as you learn to Thrive with God at work.
Switch Downloads
Each step in the Switch will have instructions to go online and download useful tools such as the Work 10 Commandments, the Work Prayer, desktop and mobile phone backgrounds, posters, bookmarks, etc.