Real Time Global Research Data

“On-the-Job” Spiritual Health Indicators % of Total
1. I often make work decisions without hearing or talking with God first. 5 %
2. It’s difficult for me to talk about Jesus in a clear and natural way at work. 4 %
3. I struggle to express why Jesus is the center of my life and work. 4 %
4. I struggle to manage my time and this hinders my productivity and increases tension. 4 %
5. I find it hard to assist coworkers with tough questions they have about God, life, and faith. 4 %
6. I am not comfortable taking appropriate opportunities at work to discuss my faith beliefs. 4 %
7. I seldom get away from work and rest to reduce stress and discouragement. 4 %
8. My time and money management is probably displeasing to God and hurtful to my family. 4 %
9. Sometimes my work behaviors are affected by fears and compulsions concerning situations and people. 4 %
10. I rarely improve my work skills to better serve God and my employer. 4 %
11. I usually don’t feel God’s presence when I am working. 4 %
12. I am often unable to handle criticism, resolve work conflicts, or avoid engaging in gossip. 4 %
13. In my work decisions and interactions with people, God is rarely “top of mind”. 4 %
14. I struggle with my ambitions at work and this tends to hurt other parts of my life. 4 %
15. I rarely connect with other believers at work for support and encouragement. 4 %
16. I fail to recognize that my work has importance beyond my present life on earth. 3 %
17. I fail to see tough times at work as an opportunity for personal growth and service. 3 %
18. My natural skills and life passions are not a good fit for my present job. 3 %
19. I rarely see my work as an opportunity to serve God and those around me. 3 %
20. I value my work position and pay above my relationship and influence for Jesus. 3 %
21. My character and work values do not always reflect God well at work. 3 %
22. My hectic work schedule often pushes aside family and faith priorities. 3 %
23. I sometimes react to difficult people and situations at work in ways that do not show love, patience and wisdom. 3 %
24. I don’t always follow biblical principles at work, especially if they are unpopular or against policy. 3 %
25. I don’t feel like my coworkers and customers respect me as a person. 2 %
26. I often fail to support and stand up for my coworkers and clients. 2 %
27. I consistently struggle with lust and sexual temptations at work. 2 %
28. I often struggle with doing my work well and it affects others’ outlook of me. 2 %
29. I compromise the truth at work, sometimes resorting to false hype, white lies, or spin. 2 %
30. I tend to think of work as a punishment from God rather than a gift. 2 %
Total: 100