The SwitchTOOL Group Subscription

(weekly online subscription)

The SwitchTOOL is perfect for your busy members; acting as their work-week companion with powerful video clips, devotionals and quick use tools that pack a powerful punch in a way that’s easy to access. GOAL: Staying Switched ON at work. Self-directed and web based, it is a complete system delivered to their e-mail inbox via two powerful communication pieces. They will experience creative multi-media inspiration, teaching and support. Each communication piece includes access to an exclusive web portal providing practical help for Job Loss, Legal Rights, and more. Simple month to month subscription – no contracts – costs less than a cup of coffee each month per person.
Free GiftPlus you will get ten Monday Switch Kits FREE with your subscription. (You pay only a low $18.10 shipping charge.)
(Subscribers at $99 will receive 5 FREE Switch Kits; $49 level will receive 1 FREE Switch Kit.)

Keeping God Switched ON Mondays

You can keep Monday Morning Atheism out of your people’s work forever!
It just takes a little encouragement and a reminder now and then that working God’s way is so much better than working without Him! Who wants to lose the purpose, peace, power and joy that God can provide at work? Of course work will always provide a few challenges as well as opportunities. Just make sure God’s way of working is fresh on the minds of your people and embedded in their hearts. Out with moaning and complaining on Mondays! In with God’s perspective and power!

How Does This Really Help My people in Their Work Week?

  • Each Monday they will be inspired and equipped by a Practical Life In Work message!  They will be reminded to start the week off right…working with God instead of without him.
  • As Thursday comes around it is time for a recharge! A short work devotional will give them the inspiration and resolve to make it through the week. They can even grab this short devotional and use the reflection questions and prayer for insightful discussions with coworkers.
  • When an unexpected opportunity or challenges pop up at work they can access a 24/7 web portal with practical tools and help.

So What’s Included in the WorkLife SwitchTOOL?

FREE Bonus!
Monday Switch Kits
10 Kit Bundle

SwitchTOOL group subscribers at the $199 level or above will receive a bundle of 10 FREE Monday Switch Kits!
(subscribers at $99 will receive 5 FREE Switch Kits; $49 level will receive 1 FREE Switch Kit.)

Practical Life In Work
Every Monday and Thursday, they will be inspired by a practical life in work teaching, including study questions and a prayer of application. You will also get exclusive access to a web portal providing practical help for Legal Rights at Work, conflict resolution and more with 24/7 system access for your work needs!

WorkLife 10 Commandments
Biblically based rules to work by
Scripture references included

WorkLife Prayer
An inspiring example of what to pray at work
Print and post at your work station

The Bible on Work
Scriptures on work
Biblical principles of work

Legal Rights at Work
Christian Groups at Work
Equal Access
Legal Boundaries
Prior Rulings

WorkLife Articles
Stories & Experiences Like Yours
Fellow Believers Encountering God in work

The Monday Switch Quiz
Identify your greatest barriers to joy and impact at work
Compare with workers around the world

Check Out What People are Saying about being Switched ON each Week:

Benefits They Will Experience

  • Finding more purpose, peace, power and joy in their work.
  • They will thrive at work instead of just survive.
  • Keeps Monday Morning Atheism out of their work.
  • They will experience God’s way to work.
  • They will learn to be a positive influence on coworkers.
  • Gives them practical help from a biblical perspective.
  • Their families will experience the benefits, too.

Perhaps nothing says it better than these comments from SwitchTOOL subscribers:

womans face.jpg“I am an Assistant Superintendent for a large school district where I supervise a few thousand students and over 500 employees. The Switch Tool Subscription is helping me experience God’s power to treat the people I encounter at work with grace and the heart of Christ.” Phyllis

“I am so excited about The Switch Tool. Being in the training industry, sometimes I can be a little overly critical about communication pieces or training tools and I can’t tell you how impressed I am with how it helps keeps my attitude where it should be.” Hector

I am so thankful and appreciative of the help and encouragement I receive from The Switch Tool each week.” Kelly

Thanks to The Switch Tool I now share concerns as well as joys with other believers in the office. It’s an interesting environment working in a government setting but God is working here every day.” Jenn

A group of workers in our City has begun a weekly prayer time in response to little conversations around the Switch Tool. They have been challenged to inject God into their work life and are praying for direction on specific ways to do that at their company.” Rob

A nurse I am friends with works at a medical clinic and was denied the right to listen to a Christian song. After reading about her “legal rights at work” from WorkLife, a gracious complaint was made to the administration of the clinic which generated a sincere apology. Her freedom of religious expression was affirmed! The Switch Tool was right there to help me advise here.” Kendra

First of all, I want to say “thank you” for offering The Switch Tool Subscription. I’ve been encouraged! I consider my workplace my place of ministry. I’ve been able to develop better relationships with other staff and brokers whom I work with.” Paul