In partnership with Dan Anderson and Kingdom Way Ministries, The Switch Workshop was created to help you and those in your church, business, non-profit or community organization to make the SWITCH:

  • from a Monday filled with moans to finding the grander meaning and mission Christ intended for our work.
  • from just surviving the workplace to thriving in it.
  • from encountering God not just on Sunday, but also on Monday.

The Switch Workshop is a call to action for workers in every vocation to Switch God ON – to live and work in ways that tap into the abundant life Christ came to offer; to amplify our calling to be His salt and light, compelling others to want to know Him and live for Him.

The proven principles covered in The Switch Workshop are driven by scripture, and inspired by over a decade of extensive research targeting the Monday epidemic for workers, examining thousands of data points collected from surveys of Christ-followers and churches across the nation.

In the Switch Workshop participants will discover…

  • the 3 Short Circuits that can cause us to live as practical atheists on Monday.
  • the 3 AC Inhibitors that limit us from living in close connection to God and being conduits of His power.
  • the 4 Conductors and other key practices that enlarge our capacity to find the fullness of meaning Christ intended for our work.
  • the 5 Cs Equation to maximize our witness for Christ in the workplace.

Think about it! Your WORKLIFE is where you…

  • spend the majority of your waking hours
  • face many of the issues that challenge your faith
  • engage in most of the relationships with those outside of your church and far from God

Isn’t that worth the investment to host the SWITCH?

Contact us for more information or to schedule this workshop in your organization today.

The SWITCH workshop also includes:

  • A full color 20 page workbook for each participant.
  • A 6 Week Switch Kit (Read more here) for each participant.
  • A full array of promotional tools such as: 8 x 14 Posters, 1/2 page fliers, e-mail templates, powerpoint templates, blog articles and more.
  • OPTIONAL: Site Specific Event Registration to handle all registrations and transaction fees that may be associated with each workshop.



“The Switch” was a blessing as we learned to change our thinking and approach to our jobs. One of the points well received, was to consider our employment as our “ministry” to use the gifts God has given us in our jobs to glorify and honor God. Another was to approach Mondays with joy and zeal, opposed to dread and trepidation. “TGIM” (Thank God It’s Monday) is now a common phrase at our church, and we are using it for every day of the week, too! The workshop left us hungry for more, and we anticipate inviting Dan back to share other workshops with us in the future. Furthermore, Dan’s giftedness in speaking and relating well to people is a blessing and encouragement. I highly recommend “The Switch” for your church!

~ Rev. Duane Smith, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Waukon, IA