It’s been my pleasure to be a Kingdom investor of Doug Spada and WorkLife Inc. Doug is a passionate and effective advocate for the awakening of Christians to the reality that the way we approach our work is an active and important part of how we live out our faith. This critical message took me, as an executive, a long time to realize in my own journey. WorkLife’s disruptive and creative approach pushed me along! Yet, when it finally sunk in, it was transformational for me in both my attitude and in the way I went about my work. I believe WorkLife provides an easy on-ramp and actionable steps that are critical for leaders and all Christ-followers in the workplace.

Scott McLain, Chief Investment Officer
HL Investments

Helen:  I can’t tell you what a difference this is making in my personal relationship with Christ. My faith is becoming real to me 24/7.

Rachel:  I am experiencing so much more joy and more peace since using WorkLife. Before this kind of help, my faith was lacking and I could not sense God’s presence and help at work, or really anywhere else. I am so much more aware of Him working in all of my life.

Chris:  I have never had joy and courage like I do now. I am praying for my co-workers, sharing the resources from WorkLife and even had a conversation about Christ with my boss who is our company CEO. I am so happy and full of joy. Before this kind of help, this area of my life was mostly untouched by God’s presence.

Eva:  I am seeing the Lord’s gifts each day at work. Sometimes it is difficult to see these pearls when the environment seems dark. I find that WorkLife is a great gift to me.

Mel:  Working for those who do not share my beliefs and faith is a true test of my character. WorkLife is a nice way for me to feel supported without concerns about who is in my office.

Sharon:  I received a panic phone call from a client, Kim. Her husband had just died of a heart attack. She called me because I had prayed with her as my client! Kim began asking a lot of questions about God. She was not sure God wanted anything to do with her. I told her I worshiped a Big God who could forgive anyone. Kim prayed and accepted Christ! Thanks WorkLife!

Phyllis:  I am an Assistant Superintendent for a large school district where I supervise a few thousand students and over 500 employees. WorkLife is helping me experience God’s power to treat the people I encounter at work with grace and the heart of Christ.

Hector:  I am so excited about WorkLife. Being in the training industry, sometimes I can be a little overly critical about communication pieces or training tools and I can’t tell you how impressed I am.

Kelly:  I am so thankful and appreciative of the help and encouragement I receive from WorkLife.

Jenn:  Thanks to WorkLife. I now share concerns as well as joys with other believers in the office. It’s an interesting environment working in a government setting but God is working here every day.

Rob:  A group of workers in our City has begun a weekly prayer time in response to WorkLife. They have been challenged to inject God into their work life and are praying for direction on specific ways to do that at their company.

Kendra:  A nurse I am friends with works at a medical clinic and was denied the right to listen to a Christian song. After reading about her “legal rights at work” from WorkLife, a gracious complaint was made to the administration of the clinic which generated a sincere apology. Her freedom of religious expression was affirmed!

Paul:  First of all, I want to say “thank you” for offering WorkLife. I’ve been encouraged! I consider my workplace my place of ministry. I’ve been able to develop better relationships with other staff and brokers whom I work with.

Albert:  Thank you WorkLife! The targeted resources are really helping me. I am a person who feels my faith dwindling at times. I’ve known the Lord for the majority of my life, and yet I still can’t help but wonder if things are where they should be.

Christy:  As a stay at home mom, my faith is challenged each day. There are times that I do not respond with a humble heart to the Lord. I find myself overwhelmed, tired and frustrated. It is then that God will show me His faithfulness with glimpses of hope. Thank you.

Edward:  WorkLife and all the curriculum and tools are a great encouragement for me throughout the week. It helps me to stay focused on what’s really important!

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