Monday Morning Small Group Resources

Most workers enter the week regretting that the weekend is over and find it challenging to get back into the flow of the work week. As a result, productivity is lower on Monday than any other day of the week. There are even more heart attacks and suicides on Monday than any other day.

But that is not how God meant it to be. God created work before the fall and called it “very good.” So how do we change our outlook on work? By giving our Monday’s back to God.  Imagine all of your small group members simultaneously living for God in their daily work. It would be the start of a Monday Revolution!

See below for different small group methods and resources:

1) The Monday Switch Kit – SIX STEP SERIES + DVD
6 Week Small Group DVD Interaction

6 Steps to God’s Power on Mondays:
The Journey begins! Interactive and personal—THE SWITCH SIX-STEP SERIES will simply and practically transform your Mondays. This interactive study leads you through an exhilarating journey of experiencing God’s purpose, peace, and power in your work.  click to read more…

2) Monday Morning Atheist Small Group Study
(5 Week One to One/Small Group Interaction)

In the book, Monday Morning Atheist, learn how most of us work as though God did not exist, becoming pratical atheists on Monday.
Simple Steps:

1.  Team up with 1 or more individuals
2.  Study one section of Monday Morning Atheist every week
3.  Discuss the Reflection Questions at the end of each section
4.  Agree as a group to more intentionally bring God into your work the next week
5.  Commit the next Monday as a day when you will especially focus together as a team
6.  Report back the next time you meet
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3) WorkLife Customized Work Challenges Study
(using WorkLife Switch Quiz)

Simple Steps:
1.  Direct Small Group members to the Switch Quiz.
2.  Each member finds out what Work Challenges they stuggle with the most.
3.  Members share their top 3 work challenges with group leader
4.  Group leader aggregates the top issues of group.
5.  Small group leader utilizes the WorkLife Thrive Guides (available here) to target top challenges of the group.

1.  Choose the number of weeks / number of top challenges to study. Members acquire those Thrive Guides.
2.  Individuals can reassess their issues at any time with the Switch Quiz.
3.  Individual Home Study of all Top Challenges available at

4) WorkLife Thrive Guides
(Comprehensive Study Series)

This comprehensive study series targets the 30 personal work issues that cause Monday Morning Atheism. Use these case studies each with biblical guidance in a group setting or for your own personal use.

Each Thrive Guide profiles a real world story occurring in the midst of a difficult common work issue and provides biblical teaching to help you when similar issues arise at your work.
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