WorkLife was birthed nearly 20 years ago. In general, WorkLife researches, prays, and listens to what people struggle with at work. Then they plan, design, and deliver amazing vision and tools to help the body of Christ thrive at work on Mondays. Their end goal is focused on that one worker, that one person like you, that can Switch God ON and experience the amazing joy and purpose that God intended through work.

WorkLife was originated by Doug Spada, the founder and current CEO. Doug had previously worked in the military as a nuclear engineer and an operator of fast attack submarines. Following this, he threw his energies into starting and running a successful energy consulting firm in Southern California.

Doug increasingly found himself involved in sharing the gospel within the context of his daily work and associated relationships. He subsequently began to struggle to find the best way to personally experience God’s best and deepest calling for his life. Doug looked to his own local church for answers, but this only intensified the confusion around the truth of his personal calling around work. Watch a short video of Doug sharing.

At one point, reasoning that joining church staff would be the most significant way to walk out his sense of personal calling, Doug set out to do just that. However, this door kept closing and Doug struggled to understand why. This experience increased Doug’s frustration concerning the understanding of faith, work and calling. After a challenging period of grappling with these issues, God led Doug to the profound but practical truth that his spiritual gifting had everything to do with his vocational life irrespective of the role or place. Work took on an entirely new perspective as Doug began to experience the biblical truth that work is a holy calling when done with, for and through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Finally, there was freedom to work as a genuine calling of God.  See the Worklife Core Principles.

This movement in Doug’s life signified the birth of WorkLife in its earliest stage. God continued to pursue Doug, calling him to a year of prayer focused on seeking how to best assist others. Millions of others like him, struggling in this area of their work calling. And what about the local church’s role in this? Doug envisioned the tremendous leverage and impact working believers could have on the kingdom of God IF they were equipped and released by their local church in a sustainable way. Doug used his military experience to shape a message to the church: the church was never meant to function like a cruise ship but should instead function like an aircraft carrier.

Ultimately, it became clear to Doug that God wanted WorkLife to serve not only individual workers but local church leadership to assume their responsibility to practically help people Switch God ON at work “equipping his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up”(Ephesians 4:11-12). This had never been done before in a viable way concerning work ministry. This vision soon translated into an organization, with WorkLife now serving people and organizations around the world.

WorkLife has now developed a unique ability and long history of helping churches serve their entire congregation in this area of work. Additionally, WorkLife assists businesses and network organizations in effectively addressing the problematic drain that comes with Mondays and work.

WorkLife’s impact now reaches around the world through a movement of God’s people called The Monday Switch. It’s a switch to God’s way of working. God desires His people to Thrive on Mondays at work – not just survive. Workers everywhere can experience His peace, purpose and power through work. They envision a Monday Move of millions of workers Switching God ON at work in ways they had never imagined – bringing Glory to God and advancing His Kingdom.

WorkLife would count it an honor to serve you, your organization, network or church.