WorkLife Thrive Guides
(for Individuals or Small Groups)

Biblically based studies to help you find Life in work:

This comprehensive study series targets the 30 personal work issues that cause Monday Morning Atheism. Use these case studies each with biblical guidance in a group setting or for your own personal use.

Each Thrive Guide profiles a real world story occurring in the midst of a difficult common work issue and provides biblical teaching to help you when similar issues arise at your work.

"WorkLife is helping me experience God's power to treat the people I encounter at work with grace and the heart of Christ."  Phyllis

Below is a sampling of Thrive Guide topics:

The Damage of a Hectic Pace
What God Thinks of Money
Coworkers and Sex
Fighting the Wrong Fight
Answering the Hard Questions
Eternal Balance Sheet
and many more…

Available individually, in bundles of five, or in a single bundle of all thirty guides.

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